It is definitely worth it to cross the border and see Dr. Lili attend our dental needs. She is efficient and honest beyond believe. My family and personal friends have come to see her for years. It only takes one visit to know and experience good quality work. She is kind and personable you fell so comfortable and safe under her care I HIGHLY RECOMMEND DR. LILI and invite anyone to come and see for themselves.

Perfect teeth are everyones’s dream, When I was about eleven my parents noticed my teeth did not have such a bright future. I was not happy with dentist hurting my teeth or making me cry. But when my parent brought me to Dr. Brenda I finally found relief. She treats my teeth as carefully as possible and treats me very well as a patient. I thank God for giving me a great dentist.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciated the gentle and efficient care, the friendly atmosphere, and the staff’s flexibility in working around my difficult schedule. I never once felt hurried, in fact I usually felt like I was the only patient the dentist had to worry about. The whole experience was great. Thank you Dentiland!
I have came to Dentiland ever since I was a baby. Whenever I sit in that chair i feel very comfy and safe when she is working on my teeth. Brenda is very creative and has very great ideas. Instead of having to put braces on my teeth she recommended retainers. I’ve had retainers ever since I was nine and every five months I get a new pair. Now I’m 10 years old and my teeth look wonderful. You want your teeth to look wonderful? Come and see DR. BRENDA! You won’t regret it!

I’m so grateful to Dr. Brenda for taking care of my children’s dental health. Overall with my daughter who was treated with an orthodontic treatment. Thank you, Dr. Brenda.