Welcome to Dentiland – Our team of family and pediatric dentists are dedicated to providing high quality and affordable dental care to the entire family. We emphasize compassionate and gentle care to help our children and adults feel more at ease when taking care of all of their dental needs.

For our U.S. patients, we accept U.S. insurance and also provide special medical passes to get you back across the border (to the USA) quickly!  Please contact us for more information.

Comprehensive Family and Pediatric Dentistry

At Dentiland, our dentists, Dr. Brenda Licon, Dr. Evelyn Marin, and Dr. Ana Tirado know that “Good dentistry starts at birth”. Our team understands the importance of your oral health and are here to make a difference in every way possible. We are proud to offer high quality dental care for your family so you can all experience a bright smile. Located in Tijuana, just one mile across the US/Mexico border, our compassionate team welcomes you to experience our unique care. Our state-of-the-art pediatric and family care office with specialties in orthodontics and orthopedia will allow your children and entire family to receive the exact care they need.

Building Lifelong Connections

We’re passionate about children’s health as we enjoy specializing in pediatric dentistry. Our dentists focus on making your children comfortable while building lifelong connections with them. Our care goes far beyond dental cleanings. We love to educate our patients about simple habits to keep them smiling from ear to ear.