Welcome to Dentiland! Our team of family and pediatric dentists are dedicated to providing high quality and affordable dental care for your entire family. We emphasize compassionate and gentle care to help both children and adult patients feel more at ease while we take care of your dental needs.

For our U.S. patients, our clinic accepts U.S. insurance and also provides special medical passes to get you back across the border to the USA quickly! Please contact us for more information.

Pediatric Dentistry

Our dentists in Tijuana provide excellent, gentle children’s care. Visit our pediatric dental page to learn more about how we can help with services including cleaning and measuring for braces.

General Dentistry

Request a consultation now to get a helpful general evaluation of your teeth. We’ll be able to spot problems that can lead to trouble in the future and provide cleaning, minor buffing and other general care.


Restore your teeth to their best alignment with the assistance of our experienced orthodontics team. We can realign teeth that are growing improperly, and assist with uncomfortable bites and other problems.

Emergency Dental Care

Get the emergency care you need from our fast-acting team. It is nearly always possible for us to let you see a dentist at our Tijuana office within 1-2 hours so that dental pain can be relieved and possible tooth loss prevented.

At Dentiland, our dentists Dr. Brenda Licon, Dr. Evelyn Marin, and Dr. Ana Tirado know that “good dentistry starts at birth”. Our team has an expert understanding of the importance of oral health and the role that careful preventative care plays in teeth that are painless and long-lived. Even if your teeth are in bad condition, we have a variety of treatment options that can relieve your pain, restore function and give you back a beautiful smile. We are here to make a difference in every way possible for your dental health.

We are proud to offer high quality dental care for your family so you can all experience a bright smile. Our office is located in Tijuana, just one mile across the US/Mexico border so that we can effectively serve both US and local clients in Mexico.

Our compassionate dentists in Tijuana welcome you to experience our uniquely gentle care. Our state-of-the-art pediatric and family care office has doctors with specialties in orthodontics and orthopedic care. They take advantage of the latest technology to deliver dental care that will allow you and your family to get the relief you need.

Building Lifelong Connections

As we said above, “dentistry starts at birth”. That’s one of the reasons why we do pediatric and infant care differently than many other offices. We are particularly passionate about working with our youngest clients and making them comfortable with dental care techniques and equipment. We work hard to make sure that children don’t feel anxious or scared to visit.

We make dental care better for young patients in two ways. First, our dentists focus on making your children comfortable from start to finish — friendly staff, fun colors and soft chairs create an experience that helps nervous kids relax. Secondly, we emphasize the long-term importance of dental care to put the child on the path to having healthy teeth for life. Our care goes far beyond dental cleanings. We love to educate our patients about simple habits to keep them smiling from ear to ear.

Family and Pediatric Dental Work in Mexico

We are ready to talk to you now about any of our pediatric or adult services. Requesting an appointment is as simple as clicking Make an Appointment at the top of the page, and then leaving us some basic information. It will take only a few minutes.

You can also call us at the numbers at the top of the page. We are happy to answer any questions you have about our dental work in Tijuana, Mexico. You can find answers to some of the most common questions about dentists in the section just below.

Questions about Dentiland? Find Answers Here

I’m having a dental emergency! What do I do to help?

If you are having an emergency right now, please contact us through the listed numbers immediately: Call 664-684-7285 from Mexico, or 858-768-9937 from the US. We will have some questions for you that will help us understand your needs, so that we can be ready with the right equipment when you arrive.

We strive to see all emergency patients within 1-2 hours. We accept walk-ins if you have trouble communicating by phone. If you have additional questions about our emergency services, please see our information and terms here.

What should I expect at my first visit?

A great experience! Our staff is patient and friendly, and eager to assist you as soon as you come into the door. When you are examined or treated, you’ll be taken to a privately-partitioned patient module just for you, so that you can enjoy your treatments in quiet and privacy.

At your first visit, it’s necessary to get a complete understanding of your dental history through a complete examination. A full inspection of your teeth, gums and tongue may be followed up by X-rays if there is a concern that there might be issues under the gums or with the bone around the mouth. Learn more about what you can expect from your first visit by seeing our policies here.

How do you do pediatric dentistry differently?

Pediatric dentistry is one of the specialties of our office. We have a large selection of pediatric services that are designed to meet the needs of infants, young children and teens. These include orthopedic care and even sedation care for highly-anxious patients. We have an expert pediatric dental surgeon on staff for more intensive services.

What are the qualifications of the dentists and staff?

All of our staff members and dentists in Tijuana are exceptionally qualified and fully certified for the dental services they provide. Learn more about any of our doctors and staff by using the links provided below