Pain-Free, Affordable Root Canals in Tijuana, Mexico

Root canals have an long history being associated with discomfort and are widely considered to be the most painful dental procedure you can get. But, is that really true anymore? Not at all! The modern procedure is nearly pain-free, especially when you request it at Dentiland!

If you’ve been waiting on a treatment because the idea of the pain from the procedure makes you anxious, you don’t have to be anymore. At Dentiland you start with a basic examination and cleaning to learn more about your options. From there, we will either recommend the therapy or another treatment that is more suitable to giving you the relief you need.

How do I know if I need a Root Canal?

This is considered one of the best treatments for abscessed teeth. If you have experienced pain in your teeth and gums, you may have infected tissue at the roots of your teeth. To relieve the pain they will need to be washed out and replaced with new mass that can’t get infected.

It is a helpful treatment for many reasons, because it…

  • Preserves the parts of the tooth above the gum line
  • Reduces the risk of further infection
  • Helps you avoid more expensive treatments for replacing a lost tooth

The modern root canal uses the latest in dental technology to reduce or even completely eliminate pain at every stage of the procedure. Most patients rate the pain they experience at the level of a tooth filling, which itself is hardly a painful procedure anymore.

How are Root Canals Done?

The technique we use for root canals at our Tijuana clinic uses these modern advancements in our procedures. First, a doctor will need to determine the severity of the infection in your tooth. If it is serious, you will be administered a round of antibiotics to prepare for the removal of the infected tissue.

After that, you are given local anesthetic to help protect you against pain. Once the numbing is complete, a small hole is drilled into the tooth to allow the delicate extraction of the infected nerves. After all of the infected material is removed, an antibiotic fluid is used to flush the empty space. A filler completes the tooth, and leaves it resistant against future infection.

When this is complete, a new crown is placed over the tooth to help offset the weakness caused by the infection. From start to finish, the entire procedure can only take a single visit, but often involves at least two to cover inspections.

Experiencing Pain? Need The Cost of Root Canals in Mexico or Other Information?

There are several warning signs you should watch for that may signal that you need a root canal. The first is long-lasting pain in your tooth or jaw accompanied by the swelling of the gums around it. This problem should be addressed quickly by our root canal team in Tijuana, Mexico.

If you don’t respond quickly enough to any type of infection, you risk additional damage that could result in fevers, tooth loss, and loss of bone in the jaw.

Don’t lose a tooth when you could visit Dentiland for a low-pain solution! Our dentists have extensive experience with these types of procedures, and are ready to help you get rid of your pain now!

Our team is happy to answer any questions you have about how much root canals cost in Tijuana.


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