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Meet Dr. Brenda Licon, C.D.E.O.

When Dr. Brenda was younger, she always loved to visit her dentist. Her great standard of care and compassion inspired her to follow in his footsteps and become a pediatric dentist.

Dr. Brenda loved going to dental school and learning the craft of dentistry. She graduated from dental school and completed the accredited pediatric specialty curriculum at the University of Guadalajara Dental School. After dental school, Dr. Brenda enjoyed helping those who couldn’t afford care while she gained experience in the field.

Returning to specialty school, Dr. Brenda became a pediatric surgical dentist. She is passionate about helping children develop bright and healthy smiles. Dr. Brenda loves the mutual appreciation her little patients have for her and enjoys comforting children by making their visits fun and relaxing. She gives a lot of love and attention to each and every patient while caring for their dental health, as they grow older.

Educated Expertise

Dr. Brenda has taken several classes and is now specializing in orthodontic and orthopedic care. Orthopedic care involves treatment for children that allows for the right bone positioning to minimize or prevent the need for orthodontic care. With Asociación Dental Mexicana certification (#ADM. E. C-0942-01/1) and admitting rights to Nova Hospital, Dr. Brenda can conduct a full range of dental treatments (sedation services) alongside a nurse and pediatric anesthesiologist for your child’s safety and comfort.

Her strong connection to family is naturally shown in her practice as she welcomes her patients and treats them like family.
Meet the dentist behind so many bright smiles. Call 664-684-7285 to get started today.

Family First

With a strong commitment to her husband and daughter, Dr. Brenda cherishes her family in Mexico. Always prioritizing her loved ones, she encourages everyone in her family to look out for each other’s well-being. When she’s at home, she enjoys knitting a hat for her daughter or practicing new recipes to share with her family.

Her strong connection to family naturally shows in her practice as she welcomes her patients and treats them like family.

Meet the dentist behind so many bright smiles. Call 664 684-7285 to get started today.

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