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New Solutions to an Old Problem

So, you have a missing tooth and you’ve decided you’re ready to do something about it. No matter how bad the damage is, it is possible to restore the function and the look that you missed. A dental bridge is one treatment to consider, but there are other alternatives that are better fits for more severe damage, such as traditional dentures.

Just one visit to our practice, Dentiland will give you the insight you to evaluate the situation and to decide on a permanent treatment plan. You’ll be able to consult with our dentists about the solution that works best for your situation and your budget. If you’re wondering how much dentures cost in Tijuana, give us a call! We’ll arrange a consultation to discuss solutions to your concerns.

Dentures Can Replace Full or Partial Tooth Loss

Although they’ve been around for ages, today’s dentures are more comfortable and natural looking. Today’s dentures are definitely not your grandmother’s dentures!

Although they’ve been around for ages, today’s dentures feel more comfortable and look better than ever before. New research into comfort, longevity and appearance has resulted in new dentures that are cleaner and less of a hassle to use. Today’s dentures are definitely not your grandmother’s!

There are two types of modern dentures:

  • Full Dentures: This replaces all the teeth in your mouth. It is formed with a top and a bottom portion that is manufactured to fit closely together. The completed set looks as natural as real teeth.
  • Partial Dentures: This replaces several missing teeth at once. They are often the better option when a series of teeth, as many as three or four, are missing on one side of your mouth. Partial dentures are the next set up when a dental bridge is not enough and full dentures aren’t required. They take advantage of the remaining teeth for balance, and they are anchored to the existing teeth with either plastic or metal.

Installing either type of dentures may require that some of your remaining teeth be pulled, or that some surgery is performed on the bony ridges beneath the gums. The surgeries will help your mouth better accommodate your new dentures. They help the denture sets fit as comfortably and naturally as real teeth. It requires an exhaustive process that uses the latest in dental technology.

Our team begins by taking an exact impression of your teeth. The shape and height of your teeth will be closely recorded so that the new set will feel very close to your original teeth. The impression is then used to custom manufacture your dentures.

If you require a full set and any extractions are necessary, we will provide you with a temporary set of dentures to assist with the healing and to provide “teeth” while your gums heal. While this is a short-term solution, it will serve your basic needs for chewing food and talking.

You must wait for the extractions to heal fully before the final fitting where you take your new dentures home. The temporary set is designed to last you for the six to twelve months it can take between the first visit, the extractions, and finally the final fitting.

Though both types fit snugly when completed, they are designed to be fully removable at night. In fact, they must be removed at night so that your saliva—an important part of both your mouth health and whole body immune system—is free to wash over your gums and maintain the proper balance of moisture.


If you’re ready to discuss your options, you can call our office about your concerns and schedule a first-time examination so that we can assess your situation.

Choosing to be fitted for dentures can be a big step if extractions are necessary, so we want to make sure that you’re a good candidate. We also want to make sure that you’re aware of all the options available to you in case other treatments that can bridge the gaps between existing teeth offer a better solution.

We understand that budget is a concern for many of our US customers who are seeking affordable alternatives to US dentists. We are happy to discuss how much dentures cost in Tijuana up front. However, no two cases are the same and an examination is necessary to determine the scope of the work that will need to be done.

Give Dentiland a call to schedule an examination and consultation. Don’t you agree it’s about time?

FAQs: Get Answers to Your Questions about Dentures in Tijuana

How do I properly care for dentures?

The care that is required will depend on the type of dentures that you get. Modern versions have better materials and also require more careful care. The dentures that you are provided with will come with a specific set of instructions for maintenance that you can follow to give them the longest life possible. Our dentist may provide you with further care instructions relating to your needs.

Is it alright to sleep with dentures in?

It’s not the end of the world, but there are a couple of reasons that dentures should be fully removed at night. First, your saliva needs a chance to recoat your gums where the denture lines are placed. This promotes good mouth health overall. Secondly, your gums and bone need to be relieved from the stress that is placed on them throughout the day.

Are dentures painful?

It’s typical to have some minor discomfort when you’re first wearing them. However, the dentures made today are more comfortable than any that have been made before, and they are more effective at forming a snug fit around your gums and staying in place to prevent scraping. After the initial adjustment period, you should notice little pain. If you do, you can come back for a fitting adjustment.

Can I have dentures placed the same day or week teeth are extracted?

No, that would not be wise. Your gums will take some time to recover from the extraction, and having pressure placed on them immediately would interfere with the healing process. Your new set will be fitted when your gums are healed and ready.