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Restore Your Smile with Dental Implants

Restore your smile following a lost tooth by calling Dentiland about dental implants. This treatment is designed to fully replace missing teeth or gaps left by several missing teeth. When finished, dental implants have the natural appearance of your original teeth.

Dental implants may be a great option for you if dentures and bridges aren’t enough to repair the damage. Implants can cover large missing sections and have several other important advantages over smaller-scale alternatives — for example, implants feel comfortable and reduce the risk of losing other teeth and bone.

What are dental implants?

Implants are designed to fit right into the jaw where the tooth or row of teeth used to be. Each one is made from a titanium screw that is fixed to the jaw. Another section called the post attaches to the screw and rises above the gum line so that matching crowns or bridges can be added.

An evaluation appointment is usually necessary to make sure that you are a suitable candidate for implants. You must have enough bone available for the implant to be fitted securely. Our dentists will use the evaluation appointment to take an impression of your teeth so that a fitting set can be manufactured.

At the follow-up visit, a minor procedure is performed to open the gums to suture them again around the new base for the implant. After the implant is firmly attached to the bone, the new crown can be placed onto the post with an adhesive.

Though the procedures and materials are the same, the cost of dental implants in Tijuana can be lower than in the US.

Want to Know More about Dental Implants and Their Cost?

At Dentiland we are always available to answer any questions you have about your health and the options that are available to treat specific conditions. If you are worried about budgetary concerns, call to ask us about the cost of dental implants in Mexico. You can likely save more by coming here from the US.

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