Dental Crowns in Tijuana, Mexico

When you think your teeth need root canals, or are damaged beyond the point at which they can be filled, dental crowns are a great alternative treatment. Also known as caps, crowns are placed over the damage on the tooth to form a tooth-shaded replacement for the lost areas. Porcelain is one of the preferred materials for crowns, because it matches the natural color of teeth so closely.

It often takes more than one visit to fit a crown properly, but our clinic is conveniently located close to the border in Tijuana. Your dental crown will require some preparation after the first visit.

What’s the Procedure, and How Long Do Dental Crowns Last?

The crown must be measured and constructed to be a perfect fit for the tooth, so the first appointment is always dedicated to getting the tooth ready for the application. The tooth is lightly sanded until the surface is properly sized to have a crown placed, and then a mold is placed over both the sanded tooth and surrounding teeth to make a perfect cast for the new crown.

At the following appointment, the newly-created dental crown is adhered to the tooth. A little buffing is done to make it a perfect match in color and your smile is restored to the one you remember!

Though the procedure is much the same, the cost of dental crowns in mexico is typically lower, if you are traveling from the US. Please call us to ask how we can make this trip easier for you.

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