About Dentiland

At Dentiland, our dentists, Dr. Brenda LiconDr. Evelyn Marin, and Dr. Ana Tirado know that “Good dentistry starts at birth”. Our team understands the importance of your oral health and are here to make a difference in every way possible. We are proud to offer high-quality dental care for your family so you can all experience a bright smile. Located in Tijuana, just one mile across the US/Mexico border, our compassionate team welcomes you to experience our unique care. Our state-of-the-art pediatric and family care office with specialties in orthodontics and orthopedia will allow your children and the entire family to receive the exact care they need.

Dr. Brenda Licon graduated from dental school and completed the accredited pediatric specialty curriculum at the University of Guadalajara Dental School. She started her career by performing free dental work as part of a one-year public service commitment. The work was performed on patients who didn’t have the financial means to pay for dental care. Dr. Brenda’s passion for dentistry led her to become a highly regarded pediatric dentist.

Children Love Our Compassionate, Comfortable Care

Dr. Brenda will find a way to ensure all children feel safe and comfortable when they visit. She gives each child all the time and attention they need. Whether she is treating newborns, toddlers, or older children, Dr. Brenda will tailor care to their specific needs to ensure the greatest experience possible.

Dr. Brenda treats all of her patients as if they were her own son or daughter. Many of her patients continue to see her well into their adolescence and many want to continue to see her even when they become young adults!

Once children get to know Dr. Brenda, they’ll discover just how big her heart is as they experience her outstanding care. We have a play area and a personal video console at each operatory station available for all children (all patients as well). Your little one can watch cartoons or a movie during their visit. Feel free to bring in your child’s favorite movie to watch.


For the quality dental care you deserve? Call the team known for making a difference in our patient’s lives.

664-684-7285 (from Mexico) or 858-768-9937 (from USA)